Religious School

וְשִׁנַּנְתָּם לְבָנֶיךָ

V'shinatam l'vanecha


Teach the tradition faithfully to your children so that
they may in turn teach it faithfully to theirs.



We read these words together during Shabbat worship as part of the V’Ahavta. If at any point these words have become rote, routine, or stale for you, let them leap to life for you now.

At Beth El Temple Center, we strive to add meaning to these words, which is why we value the partnership of families and religious school. Together we lay before your child a “Jewish trampoline.” With this solid yet springy foundation, your child needs only to jump to experience the joy of the Jewish faith and Jewish living. Each child is different, so each one may jump now or the trampoline may lie in wait for a while. Either way, the trampoline will be at hand for the moment when he or she is ready.


schlhomepageWe will need to support one another in this Jewish learning endeavor and we encourage you to leave behind any anxieties or preconceptions you may have regarding the anticipated religious education experience of your child. Replace your worries with an expectation of fulfillment, satisfaction, and enjoyment, because that is what you can expect to find here….and what we will strive to achieve.

At Beth El Temple Center you will encounter an energetic, knowledgeable, open-minded teaching faculty, eager to meet you and your children where you are in your Jewish learning journey.

We will try not to make assumptions about you, your family, or your background. You will, however, find us nudging you to share Jewish learning, prayer, and holiday experiences with us and to explore your own traditions at home. To this end, we will be happy to help provide the resources, education, materials, and community support to make these experiences possible. We look forward to and welcome your input and feedback about the program.


Joan Perlman,                                 Rabbi Sandi Intraub,

   Director of Education                                Rabbi-Educator

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