Early Session: 8:30 am - 11:15 am
Late Session: 11:15 am - 1:45 pm

prgmovrvwThis weekly program, for students from kindergarten through 7th grade, provides the skills, knowledge and experiences which are the basis of a strong Jewish identity.  Jewish holidays, ethics, history, Torah, the land of Israel, the American Jewish experience, and spirituality/theology are among the major foci of the curriculum. For 3rd - 7th grades, Hebrew review is integrated into class time to reinforce what is learned in our weekday Hebrew School program.


HEBREW SCHOOL (Grades 3-7)

Wednesdays 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This weekday program for students in grades three through seven introduces our students to the language of the Jewish people. Hebrew, reading, writing and prayer are introduced in 3rd grade using an interactive lively approach. The 3rd – 6th grade Hebrew curriculum places an emphasis on learning prayer-based Hebrew, with a secondary Modern Hebrew component. The 7th grade curriculum is primarily Modern Hebrew with emphasis placed on the joy of learning a vibrant, living language.

As a part of our Hebrew program, we also prepare students for meaningful and confident participation in congregational and home worship experiences. While mastering the Hebrew language skills required to participate in services, students will also study the structure, themes and inherent values of major prayers for Shabbat and the festivals.

As a means of putting learning into practice, Kitah Bet through Kitah Hey (4th - 7th grade) Hebrew School students attend services every Wednesday from 5:25 - 6:00 pm.  All classes take turns preseting a d'var Torah (commentary on the Torah portion for the week) as well as leading the service itself.

Tutoring is available for Hebrew School only, in response to students and families who have extenuating circumstances or special needs. A written application reviewed by the Director of Education in conjunction with the School Committee is required to be considered for tutoring.  Once a student is admitted to the program, BETC assigns an approved tutor and the curriculum parallels the Hebrew School program. For further information, contact the Director of Education.


Tzedakah & G'milut Chasadim:
The mitzvah (commandment) of tzedakah (righteous giving) is an important part of understanding Jewish values and putting them into action.  Beginning in Kindergarten, students why it's important to give tzedakah and what it means to support those in need.  Students are encouraged to give tzedakah on a weekly basis to the extent they are able.  BETC's annual Tzedakah Fair empowers students to choose an agency (children, health, animals, feeding the hungry, etc.), to learn and share with their peers and community why they chose the organization, and as a family and community to give tzedakah. 


It is not enough to contribute money alone.  Students will also explore the concept of g’milut chasidim – acts of loving kindness, and are encouraged to use their skills, interests and time to help others as a class or in individual projects.  Students participate in the temple’s annual Mitzvah Day, when the entire Beth El Temple Center community comes together to participate in social action projects. 


We are known as Am Ha'sefer (the People of the Book) and it's difficult to imagine a place of Jewish learning and living not centered on books. Our library is a precious resource both for the school and the congregation. Teachers may provide specific learning opportunities in the library during Sunday class time, and we hope your family will utilize the wonderful resources available and specifically borrow from our children’s collection. 


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