The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees meet monthly.  The Executive Committee is comprised of:

Temple President Abby Fisher
Vice President Finance and 1st VP Eileen Shapiro
Vice President Programming Liane Weber
Vice President Communications     Abby Klingbeil
Vice President Operations Ann Marie Mador
Board Secretary Rachael Fagin
Treasurer Jodi Kurtz
Assistant Treasurer Steve Umans

Others who sit on the Board of Trustees are chairs of the following committees, several Trustees-at-Large, and past Temple presidents.

Committee Chair
Adult Learning    Paulette Black
BETC Women of Reform Judaism (Sisterhood)

Liz Campbell-Tompkins
Susan Jacoby
Marlene Archer-Clark

Beth Elders Richard Vallon
Beth Middlers Myrna Robinson-Weiner
Brotherhood Jonathan Lewis
Budget/Finance Matt Lennon
Climate Action Judith Glixon
Communications Lauren Lichtel
Family Education Jenny Stodolsky
Rick Wellisch
FUNdraising  Joyce Gerber
Marc Tapper
(Building and Grounds)
Janice Nissenbaum
Todd Shuster
Human Resources Alina Lisanke
Mishpachah (families
with young children)
Zhenya Barshai
Joselyn Dennis
New Members /
Colleen Olphert
Jonathan Carr
Religious Council Representative Janet Sand
Ritual Jeffrey Schiller
School Madeleine Schulman
Social Action Timothy Roach
Youth Activities Liz Canter


 David Alper
 Patsy Collins-Bandes
 Daniel Coplon-Newfield
 Louise Domenitz
 Dov Fogel
 Ellen Hart
 Steve Klionsky
 Peter Laipson
 Sharon Sokol


 Past Presidents
Randy Gollub
Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke
Todd Shuster
Paul Sorkin
John Weiss
Jill Tapper
Lisa Weissmann
Sharon Feinberg
Ricardo Wellisch
Ed Mattison
Sara Reisman


 You are also welcome to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for general information, or with any questions.


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Contact Info

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