Goals - Students will:

  • develop an understanding of how B’nei Yisrael were constituted as the Jewish people through their brit (covenant) with God.
  • explore how the laws of Torah help provide the foundation for a just society.
  • learn about the biblical origins of the major holidays.
  • continue to explore the evolution of God concepts through God’s role in the book of Shemot (Exodus).
  • begin to develop an appreciation of Israel as the Jewish homeland.
  • review Shema and its blessings and increase mastery reading and chanting these prayers.
  • develop comfort with the prayers in the (evening) ma’ariv service.
  • learn Bircat Hamazon, the blessing after the meal.
  • begin to develop a Modern Hebrew vocabulary, to include such categories as greetings, family and school words, food, clothing, and time.
  • continue to reinforce Hebrew reading and writing skills.
  • gain experience in writing a class D’var Torah and chanting/leading prayers in services.


  • Book of Shemot, relevant Midrashim, and Commentary
  • The covenanted relationship between God and the Jewish people
  • Exploring God’s role in the book of Shemot (redemption and revelation)
  • Israel as a homeland to the Jewish people, developed from a macro view of early Jewish history
  • Tolerance and Sho’ah (Holocaust) utilizing the Paperclips Curriculum
  • Review of Shema and its blessings
  • The (evening) Ma’ariv service
  • Bircat Hamazon
  • Building on basic modern Hebrew vocabulary
  • Continued study of Hebrew writing and reading
  • Increasing reading fluency and prayer chanting in services
  • D’var Torah
  • Leading prayer


Fifth Grade class services: Gimmel (grade 5) will lead 1-2 Friday evening services in the sanctuary including creative, personal prayer developed by the students.


Grade 5 Retreat: Students spend a weekend celebrating Shabbat together and exploring the curriculum-related theme of “Mysteries, Miracles and Mysticism.”



Upcoming Services

Sat, Apr 13 @ 10:15am
Shabbat Morning Service
Sun, Apr 14 @ 8:45am
Sat, Apr 20 @ 10:15am
Shabbat Morning Service with BTM
Sun, Apr 21 @ 8:45am

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