Goals - Students will:

  • begin to make connections between the actions and values in Torah and their own lives.
  • begin to view mitzvot as an active way through which Jewish people connect to God.
  • formulate and explore increasingly sophisticated questions about God.
  • learn about the land of Israel as related to geography.
  • be able to identify the names and sounds of Hebrew letters in print and script.
  • be able to recognize and sound out vowels.
  • develop Hebrew decoding skills and begin to read.


  • Jewish values through the stories of Prophets and Writings
  • Introduction to mitzvot (commandments)
  • God talk
  • Geography of Israel
  • Hebrew letter (and vowel) identification in print
  • Hebrew decoding skills


Siyyum Ha’sefer
Upon the completion of the primer in May, Aleph (grade 3) students celebrate this milestone with a brief, beautiful service.  They also receive a copy of the Mishkan Tefillah siddur with a cover specially decorated by their parents.



Upcoming Services

Sat, Apr 13 @ 10:15am
Shabbat Morning Service
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Shabbat Morning Service with BTM
Sun, Apr 21 @ 8:45am

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