Learning Jewish, Doing Jewish

Goals – Students will:

  • begin to explore more complex holiday themes and draw connections between these themes and their own lives.
  • experience the cycle and flow of the Jewish year as they review and observe each holiday as it occurs throughout the year.
  • be exposed to the names of the Jewish calendar months.
  • identify and discuss mitzvot (Jewish commandments/values).
  • explore ways of communicating with God and learn some shared world views of God.
  • make connections between ancient and modern Israel.
  • begin to connect selected Bible stories and people with Torah and holidays.
  • explore significant Jewish symbols in the art of our BETC sanctuary stained glass windows.
  • expand their knowledge of brachot (blessings).
  • begin to combine letters and vowels to “sound” Hebrew.
  • expand their Hebrew vocabulary to include words for mitzvot (Jewish commandments/values).



  • Cycle of the Jewish year: the flow of the holidays.
  • Jewish values and mitzvot through stories and projects.
  • Continuing the exploration of God in our world:
    - How do other people view God and what do we share in our beliefs?
    - How do we communicate with God?
  • The connection between ancient and modern Israel.
  • Selected Bible Stories
  • The Jewish Art History of our Sanctuary: An interactive introduction to our BETC Stained Glass Windows
  • Introduction to vowels, final letters, and sounding Hebrew (combining letters and vowels).
  • Hebrew vocabulary through mitzvot (Jewish values).





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