My Connection to the Jewish World


Goals – Students will:

  • become aware of the core vocabulary and practices associated with the major Jewish holidays.
  • begin to recite appropriate Hebrew blessings associated with food and holidays.
  • have the opportunity to explore their questions about God by discovering God’s presence in their everyday experiences.
  • begin to understand the importance of Jerusalem for the Jewish people.
  • be able to identify special sites and symbols of Jerusalem.
  • begin to develop Hebrew reading readiness skills by learning to recognize the aleph-bet (the Hebrew alphabet).
  • become familiar with selected Bible stories: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Esau


  • Celebrations, symbols, rituals, and customs surrounding the holidays.
  • Finding God through our everyday experiences.
  • Jerusalem as a special place for the Jewish people.
  • Introduction to the letters of the alef-bet and expanded Hebrew holiday and classroom vocabulary.
  • The Parent Connection reading program (a family/home component in first grade).
  • Selected Bible stories: Joseph and His Brothers, Moses


First grade (and second/third graders who are new to our school) are consecrated in the fall. The ceremony celebrates the child's entry into Jewish education. Each child receives a miniature Torah that has been specially decorated by his/her parents.



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Shabbat Morning Service with BTM
Sun, Apr 21 @ 8:45am

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