Beth Middlers

Who are the Beth Middlers?

Beth Middlers are people somewhere in mid-life who celebrate holidays and get together around Jewish cultural events and themes, meet other people and socialize. Beth Middlers are empty nesters or near empty nesters, many without kids, married/partnered or single.  Often people at this time in their lives are transitioning -- redefining themselves and their relationship to BETC.  It’s a great time to come along and be part of the BETC community.

We’ve been recognized by URJ for keeping our members connected to our synagogue and to one another. It’s been so satisfying and a lot of fun. We welcome you. Some of our activities include:

Bowling and Kibbitzing

Do a favorite activity and enjoy good conversation with new and old friends and acquaintances.

Potluck Dinners

Gather before services, the Purim Schpiel or at the Community Seder to share a meal together.

Hiking, Havdalah, and Dinner

Go on a walk or other outdoor activity to celebrate spring, the end of Shabbat, and share a meal. 



We enjoyed...

About a dozen Middlers gathered for Game Night on November 5th.  We had fun learning some new games, playing traditional favorites, and socializing together.  Thanks to Paul and Sharon Feinberg for organizing this event.




Upcoming Services

Fri, Nov 24 8:00pm

Sat, Nov 25 10:00am

Fri, Dec 1 5:30pm

Sat, Dec 2 10:00am