Month of May Stay Away Fundraiser

It's BETC's 3rd Annual Month of May Stay Away fundraiser ... but with a TWIST!

Our BETC Fundraising Committee is once again asking you to make a financial gift to our community and to stay away. But in 2022 we’ve added a twist. For each $36 of your donation you will earn a ticket for you and your family members to join us on June 12th, a Sunday afternoon, for our 2nd Trivi-Oy Experience! This year, sponsored by the WRJ of BETC.

So unlike when Moses commanded the children of Israel to make a voluntary gift to support the building of the Tabernacle – we are asking for a voluntary gift to support the building of the BETC community that will reward you with snacks – fun – companionship – and competition!

Below, you'll find opportunities to make donations that will help support BETC's mission. If you would prefer to skip the list of activities for each aspect of our mission, you can use the top Sponsorship option to make a gift, then scroll on down to the bottom to provide your contact into and payment. All donations to to the General Fund and are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

To make a donation, check the box next to the items you'd like to support.  If you'd like to give more than one of each item, adjust the quantity with the + and - buttons. Your total will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please email Marc Tapper, [email protected]

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Show your love for the work that Beth El Temple Center does by supporting the pillars of our mission: Worship, Learning, Repairing the World, and Community. All money contributed goes to our General Fund. We will do the best we can to distribute it according to your wishes but cannot guarantee this.


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