Music and Prayer

Music in Worship
Wonderful music is the heart of our services. Cantor Fine has helped us to learn a repertoire of both traditional and contemporary Jewish music from all over the world. Our music teaches us, inspires us and, most importantly, brings us together as a community. This rich, musical life also deepens our sense of connection to the powerful religious ideas and Jewish values that flow through the poetry of our prayer book.

On Friday evening, in addition to the beautiful voice of our Cantor, the keyboard artistry of our gifted accompanist Peter Krasinski, and sensitive guitar of our Rabbi, you may find yourself praying with the sounds of our adult choir, a congregant’s hand-held drum, or our congregant “T’fillah Band.”  The latter is a group of talented congregants who join our professional staff in leading an especially exciting, energetic and uplifting musical service several times during the year.

Our Prayerbook
Our congregation prays from Union for Reform Judaism’s new prayer book, Mishkan Tefillah, published in 2007.  Not only does our use of Mishkan Tefillah link us with Reform congregations around the country, we also appreciate its innovative lay out, the use of phonetic transliterations to make the Hebrew prayers accessible, the presence of literal English translations and the inclusion of both a wide range of learning commentaries and beautiful, interpretive readings.  You can learn much more about Mishkan Tefillah at the URJ site.