Class Services


Weekday Services
As a means of putting learning into practice, Bet through Hey (4th – 7th) Hebrew School students attend services every Wednesday from 5:25-6:00.  All classes take turns presenting a d’var Torah (commentary on the Torah portion for the week).  Classes will also take turns leading particular prayers during the service.  Parents are very welcome to attend these services and tutored students are strongly encouraged to attend whenever possible.

Grade-specific Class Services
All students in Bet, Gimmel, and Dalet classes (4th – 6th grades) will have the honor of leading Shabbat services.  Each class will lead a separate service or services during the school year.

We have identified the following goals for our class services, and our developmental program reflects these goals:

  • to enable students to practice their Hebrew skills and to lead the congregation in public worship
  • to foster a deeper sense of community both within the class (parents/students) and between the class and the rest of the congregation
  • to create a meaningful worship experience for the students and their parents while preserving the meaning of congregational worship
  • to motivate attendance at additional worship services during the year


Fourth Grade (Bet) Class Services:  Kitah Bet (grade 4) students and parents will have 4-5 family services in the downstairs meeting room, on Fridays throughout the year.  Each service will be led by some of the Kitah Bet students and their parents and will include creative input from the families.  Kitah Bet services are followed by a pot luck dessert.

Fifth Grade (Gimmel) Class Services:  Gimmel (grade 5) will lead two Friday evening services in the sanctuary including creative, personal prayer developed by the students.

Sixth Grade (Dalet) Class Services:  Dalet (grade 6) will lead two Saturday morning services in the sanctuary which (like Gimmel services) include creative, personal prayer developed by the students.

All students are expected to participate in class services as they are an important component of our Religious School program.  If a student has a serious conflict with the service date(s), then he or she will be required to lead a prayer in a congregational service on an alternative date. Please consult your school calendar for all class service dates.


Youth Kehillah (formerly Jr Congregation)
Students in 3rd - 6th grade are also encouraged to participate in monthly Youth Kehillah (youth congregation) services.  These services, led by the students, offer our students consistent opportunities to worship and socialize with friends from religious school.  Youth Kehillah provides another excellent opportunity to practice and reinforce Hebrew prayer skills.  All students are invited to attend and tutored students are required to attend these services.